screenie multi resolution venus in a grid of 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128 voxels width, and with adaptive camera and spherical harmonics lighting.
SVN repository 2006/06/03
Rearview migrated its version control to SVN. Access the repository using:

svn co

..and follow the quick instructions at the beginning of the INSTALL file.

We took the opportunity and did a major code reorganisation and cleanup ;). New features include the adaptive camera from the demo and isosurfaces to smoothen the voxels.

Adaptive GI through wine ;) 2006/01/23
With generous external support we managed to get the GI test program running through wine. So now all win32 fans can download the executables here. To run it you will need libmmd.dll, sdl.dll, msvcp71.dll and msvcr71.dll. enjoy!

Real time global illumination! 2006/01/14
Good news everyone.. rearview 0.4.0 will be a bi-directional path tracer supporting global illumination. A small test program is available (with sources, GPL), to produce a bit of eye candy before the release. It uses a path sampling algorithm based on A. Keller's Instant radiosity as well as an adaptive image space sampling based on A. Secord, W. Heidrich and L. Streit's Fast primitive distribution for illustration.

0.3.1 released! 2005/05/12
This has been a rather short cycle, but we have some cool new features which just need a new release. These include reflection and refraction (check out the testshapes.tree!) thanks to maigil, leo ported rearview to windoos and we now have quite acceptable support for animated objects by using only our octree.

update.. 2005/04/30
If you think rearview is slow, you might want to try compiling the current CVS with --enable-speedo, which uses one hardcoded shader with only one secondary ray. If you think it has to be slower than that, you may also want to add --enable-hires, which results in better image quality by casting four times the number of primary rays. You may have to adapt npr.conf to use smaller reconstruction filters/strokes.

rearview-0.3.0 released! 2005/04/28
This release is just a show-off release for the new features. some features like moving and animated objects are removed here since they do not work well yet (probably the BSP will be removed completely soon). It is meant as a milestone for the developers and as a snapshot for interested people. For the bleeding edge please get the CVS version..

Here, you are allowed to: destroy voxels (left mouse button), pile up a sphere of voxels (right mouse button), change the focus for depth of field (mousewheel, middle mouse button: autofocus) and copy any .hdr file to environment.hdr to be used for lighting.