You can check out the developing sources from sourceforge via SVN:

svn co

Be sure to read the file INSTALL for instructions on how to use this version.


Version 0.3.1 is available for download from sourceforge. There is a i686 binary package as well as the sources. The binary package is a big bundle containing prebuilt trees and everything you need (libSDL..).

There is also a binary win32 overlay and one for the sources. If you want to use windoos, get the Linux package and the appropriate win32 overlay and extract the latter into the Linux packages root directory.

Please note that you will need for the source version (included in the win32-src overlay):

  1. SDL, the Simple DirectMedia Layer
  2. OpenGL
  3. libxml2 > 2.6.
  4. getopt
  5. lib3ds
  6. libpng

Instructions for the impatient:

for a quick view, type:

  ./configure --prefix=$(pwd)
  make install
  bin/rearview-treegen -d0 maps/venus.xml
  bin/rearview trees/venus-0.tree

for a really nice view you may want to get some panorama HDRI (e.g. from Debevec's great site) in cross format and place it in your rearview directory as environment.hdr (or in the hdri/ dir and link it). This will be used to light the scenes when using the HDRI shader.

You may also want to configure with

./configure --enable-optimization --with-cpu=[athlon|amd64|athlonxp|intel] --enable-egde --enable-dof --enable-dvorak --enable-static --prefix=$(pwd)

depending on your preferences.